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A few years ago I was on vacation, stay at a guest house in North Devon, I have to do some sightseeing in East Devon and Honiton drove through, with the intention of looking around a bit and then go to the local coastline. When I went to Honiton, saw a large car park on the right side, with a bathhouse near the entrance. Need to urinate, I have decided that there are also restrooms rulertube and park my visit to the city. I paid for parking for 3 hours and went to the baths. The bathrooms were very small, with a urinary channel and two cabins, both empty. The doors were both had holes and encouraged my curiosity, so I went in the second cabin and closed the door. The back door was covered with cheeky messages and drawings, and I began to harden as I read. I opened my jeans and dropped rulertube them and went to my penis, stroking the almost fully erect. I heard a motorcycle pull up outside and sat on the toilet and tried my shirt I had on my hard cocver ​​. One or two minutes later I heard Footeps as the rulertube rider came and stood at the urinal against my door. I heard him unzip the leather and the sound of her urine touches the urinal. When finished, I was waiting to leave, but he kept next to the urinals. I stood up and leaned over to look through the hole and saw through his arm movement, masturbating. I left the hole and dropped his pants, makes no attempt to hide my hard cock as I slowly began to masturbate, I saw your eyes on the hole and looked at me. He stepped back and looked at me again, I was under the skin was naked and his penis longer and thicker. I opened the door and stepped in and closed it again, I was sitting on the toilet rulertube and immediately his mouth and sucked it loves the taste of it. He stood there and let me suck until I leave to drip from my mouth on the floor. He cleaned himself had said, 'Cheers' and went quickly. I sat down and introduced slowly masturbate while I waited hopefully soms more fun. Ten minutes later I heard someone enter, but went straight into the other car, I have not heard anything and asked me if idiot, so I quietly opened the door and peered through the hole in the door. What I did was take a guy on the inside of rulertube his jogging pants down, wearing socks and underwear and was playing with his nice cock shaved hear my breath, turned his face full of holes, and then I heard footsteps and hurried back to my cabin. A man came and stood at the urinal and looked through the hole for ° turned, he was hard and straw, and went and looked through the hole in the door and I heard him say clearly, he knocked on my door and I let him in, relax next to me and sat down and started sucking me 'that would make a good triple, ' was very good ! I heard the other toilet is flushed and the door open and saw the man looking through the hole. I opened the door and entered ad again closed, some toilet paper in the hole and dropped his sweat pants, took some poppers from his pocket and sniffed deeply. I looked at him and bent down, I felt her stockinged legs and panties cock before my hands on his hips and his rulertube mouth. He put the poppers on the nose and inhaled deeply, enjoying the sexy fashion. The guy behind me playing with my dick and ass, and I moaned around the hard cock rulertube in my mouth as I felt my ass cheeks and spread the tongue licking my crack. Pushed toward the kind of shit my mouth began little by little, I force-fed more rulertube poppers and I felt the guy behind me until I knew what was coming, but became the focus, I felt the softness of its enormous crowned cock rubbed over my hole and I moaned again as she slowly relaxes in soon gets fucked in two holes and I loved every second as if the guy was rulertube in my mouth with poppers, I used for about 10 minutes before spunking in me, this time I swallowed it all like a slut well. both left rulertube and I was there, left dazed and abused swollen, my cock and the need to come. I just saw that the door was not locked, as a man pushed past me and sat down without saying a word he took me into his mouth and sucked the semen from my balls, literally, in about 30 seconds . I've never been on the coast that day, but no matter.
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